The Gabri Isle Story

Gabri Isle brings original baby clothes from women-owned brands across Europe to the US. We partner with brands from all over Europe: England, Latvia, Denmark, UkrainePoland, France and more.  We are always exploring, and the Gabri Isle family is growing with new designers and brands that fit our criteria of quality and originality. 
Our Process
In order to find our designers, we perform a great deal of research.  We identify designers that are on trend with an aesthetic that we love.  We then take the time to establish relationships, often traveling overseas to meet face to face.  These connections fuel us.  
We curate their collections and sometimes even help make design decisions! We sample all of the items before we purchase and we try everything we sell. The clothes are worn, washed, and worn again to make sure everything is as durable, parent-friendly, and top quality as we want it to be.  We make sure you're getting the best.
Why Gabri Isle?
Gabri Isle is the founder's daughter's middle names.  The original inspiration behind the Gabri Isle concept! Gabri means "my strength" in Hebrew. 
Female-Owned Brands
We only source from established brands owned by women
About the Founder
Born in Europe, the founder of Gabri Isle is a mother of a 3 year-old and an 8-month old.  Building on a successful run in corporate America, she is now channeling her skills and her eye for design to offer a new shopping option to American parents and their babies. 
Gabri Isle is driven by the ethos of its founder and her family, who live life to its fullest, consider making connections with kindred souls to be the secret to happiness, and love to experience new cultures. After a beautiful trip to Costa Brava, Spain with their then 4-month-old daughter, the Gabri Isle idea and inspiration was born.